Rent a private house that sleeps 8 - 10 people comfortably for only a fraction of what it would cost you to rent 2 or 3 hotel or motel rooms! Both houses are right next to each other. Choose one or the other. Or, if you have a large family or large group of friends, rent them both.

Two large single family Pismo Beach Vacation Rentals for rent. Each house sleeps 10 people comfortably. Located on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1
in Oceano in the beautiful county of San Luis Obispo in California. 1.2 miles from the Ocean Beach Dunes, formerly known as the Pismo Beach Dunes.

Rent one vacation beach house for your small groups or rent both for your large groups. The houses are located right next door to each other. There is a market located nearby within walking distance. The melodrama is right down the street along with casual and fine dining.